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Coming Soon: Adventure Critters Kickstarter!

Hi folks!

Gosh, it’s been a minute since I’ve posted here. Here’s a quick update: I’m doing pretty good all things considered, and I’m spending my summer at home this year rather than going on a multi-week/month adventure. As heartbroken as I am about that (Facebook keeps reminding me with ‘memories’ of last year and the year before, it’s torture!), I’m happy to be productive without worrying about poison oak and rattlesnakes.

I did a promotional photo shoot with Cnoc Outdoors for their own crowdfunding campaign that also launches tomorrow!

That’s not to say I’m chair-bound this summer. I’ve got a few short adventures planned with some friends, including hiking the Timberline Trail again with my good friends Jillian and Ely. We’re a pretty chaotic trio of art energy, so I’m pumped for that trip. I’m planning a shorter 2-night adventure with a different friend, but I haven’t picked a place yet. So we’ll see!

The snow has thawed and the creeks have mellowed out on Mt. Hood, so I may go do a circuit soon just for the heck of it. I crave that mountain air.

But what about that Kickstarter you mentioned?

Glad you asked!

10 different adventurous critters as vinyl stickers.

Tomorrow I’m launching a crowdfunding campaign to fund the printing of a series of vinyl stickers! I’ve been drawing ‘Adventure Critters’ and the response has been electric! There’s been a lot of requests to sell them as stickers, and that’s what this Kickstarter is for. Don’t know what Kickstarter is? Click here for a quick video explaining it.

I’ll be putting up a blog post when the campaign goes live and posting regularly as its funded. I would love your support in this effort to bring these stickers to life! When it goes live, please share it on social media or with friends you think may like them!