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Switching over to a different blogging platform!

Hello everyone!

I’m dropping in to let you know that from here on out I won’t be using this as my blog! I’m switching to using Patreon as my main platform, click here to check it out!

Over the years I’ve posted blog entries here prefaced with “(This blog entry is from my Patreon blog, where you can see my Adventure Blog entries before anywhere else while supporting my trade and craft. Along with early blog posts, Patreon backers also receive access to trail comics, drawings, and videos.)” and boy has it been a chore to double-post and make sure everyone is getting the content they deserve.

And it’s exhausting!

So, from now on I will be posting my blogs over there for your enjoyment. Don’t worry! They’ll still be free to read! But if you want to support me financially that’s always an option too, and you get cool art stuff that way!

To follow me my blog over on Patreon, all you have to do is make an account (it’s free and easy!), and click the ‘FOLLOW’ button under my profile picture.

If you don’t want to make an account for email notifications of new posts, I’ll still share links to my blog posts over on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Thanks for sticking around here for so long!